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Hanh Thi Bich Ho

Lawyer - Registered Migration Agent / Australian Registered Migration Number (MARN) 1467192

Dear Clients

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hanh Thi Bich Ho, an Australian Lawyer and Migration Agent, owner and director of IST, main office in Sydney, Australia and branch office in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

After obtaining the Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Entry (University of Western Sydney), I continued studying the Graduate Certificate of Australian Migration Law (Australian National University). With a hope that I will have a deep understanding of the Australian Migration Law so that I can help my clients to obtain the Australian visas, that IST will bring about the highest rate of success for Australian visas.

I migrated to Australian under the Spousal Visa Migration Stream. Thus I have the deepest empathy and understanding of my clients concerns regarding their Australian Spousal or Partner Visa Applications. Therefore, you should be at peace to know that I do not only acquire the knowledge of the Australian Migration Law but also experience the Australian Migration Law, Visa Application, and the process of settling in Australia.

Throughout my journey of migrating and settling in Australia, I have come to realise that as a migrant, I do not only need an Australian visa but I also need to have certain skills and ability to learn new things and adapt to the new environment in Australia. Thus, IST do not help clients obtain the visas but also provide advice to clients about how to settle down and live well in Australia. IST do not only find the best possible options for clients to have visas but also advise clients how to live, work and adapt to the new environment at the beginning stage of their migration to Australia.

IST helps clients with visa applications related to Australian Spouse, Partner and Fiancée Visas, Parent Visa Application, Child Visa Application, Tourist Visa Application, Student Visa Application, Application of Appeal to Australian Tribunal.

With such long term experience in Australian Visa Applications, I have helped many clients obtain visas. In many cases, clients applied visas themselves or using other visa services and were refused visas, I have helped them re- apply or appeal to the Tribunal and won the cases, and they eventually were granted visas.

I also have helped many clients from Vietnam and the Philippines visit their sponsors in Australia on Tourist Visas and then applied for Spouse/Partner visas. They need not come back to their home countries in order to apply for such visas.

Depending on the clients’ situation and wishes, I always provide clients with the best options. Thus clients should have a peace of mind when using IST Services.

I assure with you that, using IST Services, you will experience very professional, dedicated and unique services. When other visa services said “impossible” IST help you find the possible options because IST’s slogan is “Nothing is Impossible!”



Ngon Thi Thu Ho

Sales and Marketing Director

Ngon has 8 years experience working at the Credit Division, Sacombank Vietnam. Thus she has experience in assisting clients to prove their finance to obtain Australian Tourist Visa and other types Australian Visas.

Ngon always provides advice on best options to prove clients’ financial ability so that clients can easily obtain Australian Tourist and Student Visas.

Ngon is responsible for Sales and Marketing, helps connecting other services such as Flight Centres, Travel Agencies, Insurance companies, Banks...so that clients can access these services easily and have the best experience when using IST Services.

Besides, Ngon helps clients in Vietnam buy Australian investment properties. At present, the demand of buying Australian properties has been increasing dramatically. However, not all development projects can bring about significant returns. Ngon has helped clients find trustworthy projects with no risk and high returns. Also she provides advice regarding which States and regions are the best places to invest in properties due their development progress.

Ngon also helps clients with mortgage brokers for loans when buying such Australian properties, helping clients to reach their goals in investment and migration.



Duy Anh Tran

Australian Visa Specialist

Duy came to Australia in 2011 on an Australian Student Visa. He studied at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. During his time in Australia Duy has gained an extensive understanding of Australian visas. Also, he experienced the difficulties that an international student came across when studying in a foreign country and also listened to many stories about people who used the wrong visa services and the consequences upon them.


That is the reason for him to join IST Services. He strives to provide clients a comprehensive understanding of the Australian Immigration System and the types of visa, which suit clients most.


Duy has assisted many clients in Vietnam obtain Australian visas successfully, especially difficult cases. He also has experience in Australian Real Estate Industry and has helped Vietnamese buyers purchase investment properties in Australia. Since the Australian property value has been increasing significantly during the past several years, the demand of buying Australian investment properties has increased. Duy has helped clients from Vietnam seize the investment opportunities and so far, many clients have visited Australia to see their investment properties and have been very happy with IST Services thanks to Duy’s effort and contribution to the business.



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